Saturday, March 16, 2013

Four weeks of climate data:
Southern Temperate Region #2

 The second region of the Southern Temperate Zone is the Indian Ocean with a few scattered islands.

There were only readings from a few islands, and the only weather station that kept consistent readings from 1955 to 2010 was on the French controlled island Kerguelen.

As I said earlier, this "temperate zone" is cold. This is down in The Fifties and Summer average temperatures wander between 3° C to 7° C. For Americans, that's between 37.4° F and 44.6° F.

Cold. The coldest metric shows an increase, but the median and high show that the 90s were a little warmer than the first decade of this century.


The Fall numbers look similar to Summer, only more so, the 90s warmer that The Oughts.

Winter's pattern is different. Generally we see an increase across all metrics, but very little overall.

Spring is like Winter, but all the metrics show the big jump between the 1955-1975 era and the 1975-1988 period.

Confidence of the region warming: 99%
Confidence of decreasing rate: 97.9%
Change in median temperature from the 1955-1975 interval to the 1999-2010 interval: 0.55° C

One island in an expanse of ocean, but it counts as a region.  It's warming but the rate is slowing down and the level of warming over 56 years is not particularly alarming.

Tomorrow, Australia and New Zealand lumped together in the third region then the gap between New Zealand and South America as Region #4.

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